Thursday, July 1, 2010

the personal things Renoir left behind

I am only allowed in this generous blogspot to post in one image per each blog. I did find a treasure trove of personal things Renoir left behind listed in Hantmann's Auctioneers and appraisers. I chose the wedding certificate to his beloved Aline and then found so many other things on the site that you can go look for yourself and perhaps put a nice bid on Aline's beautiful fringed kimono. I coveted Renoir's spectacles. I wonder what strength they were?

I have a strong affinity as a historical novelist to touch objects worn by those figures I so love. I think it would be wonderful to see Monet's bedroom slippers. I have to look on line!

Here is the Hantmann's link if you wish to go shopping among the misc. things left by the impressionists. Would anyone have Manet's famous opera hat and cane?


  1. Ah, bad news! It was all sold back in 2005. See, even with the internet, news travels slowly. I did not know until tonight or I might have borrowed from a thousand wealthy friends and bid on the lot myself!

  2. Great Blog. Just finishing your book Claude and Camille. Just wonderful.

  3. Sending you my best wishes for a wonderful and Happy Holiday.