Sunday, March 27, 2011

a new documentary on Monet: MONET'S PALATE

I am always surprised and delighted at how many things one can discover on the web, and the other day I came across a Facebook page for this documentary about Monet's food and gardens and paintings, featuring many great chefs with an introduction by Meryl Streep herself. MONET's PALATE, shot entirely in Paris, London and Giverny, includes exclusive footage of Monet's home in Normandy where he lived for over 40 years, including shots of the dining room where he entertained guests such as Marcel Proust and Paul Cezanne. The documentary also features Monet's paintings on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a select group of world famous chefs like Daniel Boulud, Alice Waters, Michel Richard and Roger Vergé prepare Monet's favorite meals.

Also see Monet's Palate (the general website) for all sorts of wonderful things about the movie, the meals, the creators of the film.


  1. Hi there Stephanie! LOVE your blog! Here's a couple other links to the official movie site & blog about this great video. Enjoy.

    Also a great book to check out is called Monet's Table:The Cooking Journals of Claude Monet by Claire Joyes. Lots of interesting info and recipes. :-)

  2. Just love everything you write. Sick as a dog, spent 4 days in Manhattan. I was in NYC for a wedding Dec 4 and came home with this same flu, it lasts a week. Take care miss you. yvonne

  3. Wishing you a happy Mothers Day , Hope you have Family with you.